Graphicon 2008 Proceedings

Submitted by kris on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 17:50

Technical program (english)

(FP) - Full Paper

(WPR) - Work in Progress Report

S1: Image Processing and Compression

S2: Virtual Reality and Applications

S3: Physically-Based Rendering

S4: Mesh Processing

S5: Video Processing and Applications

S6: Computer Vision and Reconstruction

S7: Image Synthesis

S8: Rendering and Applications

Technical program (russian)

(FP) - Full Paper

(WPR) - Work in Progress Report

SR1: Visualization

SR2: Computer Vision and Machine Learning

SR3: Reconstruction

SR4: Image Processing and Applications

SR5: Rendering and Mesh Processing

SR6: Video Processing

Poster Session

Invited Talks