Yuri M. Bayakovski

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Bayakovsky Yuri Matveevich( November 5, 1937 - June 18, 2014 ) - Scientists, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor of automation systems, computer systems CMC MSU, Head of Graphics and Media Lab CMC MSU. He was awarded two medals "For Labor". Laureate of the USSR Council of Ministers (1985). Gold Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements (1985). Member of the ACM (since 1971), ACM SIGGRAPH (since 1991), ACM Siggraph Computer Graphics Pioneers Club (since 1991), IEEE CS (since 1995).


In 1960 he graduated from the Moscow Energy Institute, Department of "Automation and Computer Engineering". After graduation he worked at the Institute of Applied Mathematics, USSR Academy of Sciences as an engineer of M-20 under the direction of Krivonosov E.N.  In 1963 he moved to the programmers in 9 department of the institute. Yuri B. Matveevich participated in the final design of the machine "Spring" and its preparation for state tests. Among the developments made Yuri B. Matveevich and under his leadership, the first autocode and the first operating system for computers M-20, an optimizing compiler with extended Fortran for BESM-6 - FOREX, which are widely used in the IPM, and many others organizations of the country.

In 1964 Yuri M. Bayakovsky together with Sushkevich T.A. at computer "Spring" for the first time in the Soviet Union demonstrated the use of computer graphics when printed on haraktron sequence of frames that make up a short film with the visualization of plasma flow around a cylinder. In the late 1960s, under the leadership of Yuri B. Matveevich started the development of a library of graphical programming in Fortran Grafor, which was implemented on most existing at that time in the USSR computers and operating systems with the withdrawal of almost all the plotters and graphic displays. In 1970 Shtarkman V.S. and Bayakovsky Y.M. was released the first in the USSR overview of computer graphics, then presented as a report at the Second All-Union conference on programming. Apparently, this is the first publication in Russian, in which the phrase "computer graphics" appeared. In 1974 Yuri B. Matveevich defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences on "Analysis of methods for developing computer graphics software" performed under the supervision of Shtarkman V.S. In 1981 he received the academic title of senior researcher.

In 1977 Yuri M. Bayakovsky was appointed Head of Sector, and from 1985 to 2003 was head of the department of design automation and computer graphics. On his initiative in Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics started and successfully developed the work on creation of algorithms and software for physically correct modeling of light propagation in various environments, built on the basis of bi-stochastic ray tracing. It is possible to solve a wide class of practical problems of computer graphics and computational optics.

In 1990 Yuri M. Bayakovsky was admitted to the Pioneer Club of computer graphics association ACM SIGGRAPH. In 1991 Yuri B. Matveevich has become one of the main organizers and chairman of the program committee of the conference "GraphiCon" - the first international conference on computer graphics in the Soviet Union, held in conjunction with the American Association of ACM SIGGRAPH.

Since 1983 Yuri M. Bayakovsky taught at CMC MSU course "Computer Graphics", which since 1994 is mandatory for all students. In 2002 the Graphics and Media Lab was created, which the head becomes Yuri B. Matveevich. Under his supervision more than a hundred graduation works and 17 master's theses.

Selected Works

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