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The organizing committee may recommend the following two hotels for GraphiCon participants (information about other hotels may be found through travel agencies or at the Moscow City Government site). If you have any problems during booking or require any additional services (for example, transfer from the airport to the hotel), please, feel free to contact us at for assistance.

All prices are in roubles (1 USD equals approximately 30,5 roubles). Indicated prices may vary slightly.

Hotel SOYUZ (located at the 10-15 walking distance from the Moscow State University, where the conference will take place).

Tel. +7 (095) 147-60-04
Fax. +7 (095) 247-62-77

  single (night / first night)  double (night / first night)
Standard 945/1186 1260/1585
Superior Standard 1050/1317 1470/1847
Semi-Luxe 2100/2630 2100/2635
Luxe 2625/3286 2625/3291
Superior Luxe 3150/3942 3150/3947

Breakfast is not included, but available for 136 roubles per day.

Hotel ROSSIA (located at the center of Moscow near Kremlin, way to Moscow State University will take 15 minutes by metro + 10 minutes walk).

Tel. +7 (095) 232-50-00; 232-60-46
Fax. +7 (095) 232-62-62

  single double semi-luxe luxe
Standard 1848 2046 3960 6270
Renovated 2871 4026 5742 8910
w/ view to Kremlin 3201 4323 6105  

All options except single/double Standard include buffet breakfast.

Для Российских участников организационный комитет будет обеспечивать проживание в общежитиях (доме студента) в Главном Здании МГУ. Цена варьируется от 6 до 12 у.е. Поселение будет осуществляться после регистрации, однако желательно заранее сообщить нам о Вашем желании остановиться в общежитии по адресу, что можно сделать совместно с регистрацией.

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