Dear Participant,

We would like to welcome you at GraphiCon'2012, a leading international conference on computer graphics, computer vision, image and video processing in Russia. The 22nd event is hosted by Lomonosov Moscow State University on October 1-5, 2012.

This year we have a great program consisting of keynote presentations and scientific papers, carefully selected by International Program Committee, and a special poster section of of young scientist school. The International Program Committee was formed of 53 members representing 10 countries from all over the world. Being top experts in the respective areas, all of them have done a tremendous job reviewing on average 3 papers out of 80 submitted. We express thanks to the committee members, who served at a considerable personal sacrifice and with impressive collective wisdom. The final decision was based on at least two reviews of each manuscript and ended up with 48 works selected for oral presentation. Also 11 papers will be presented as posters at young scientist school. Keynote presentations are made by Marina Gavrilova (University of Calgary, Canada) and Dmitry Vatolin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia).

Keeping traditions, GraphiCon’2012 has not only scientific, but also extensive educational program, which is organized in cooperation with NVidia and devoted to computer graphics programming on modern hardware.

We would like to thank our sponsors - Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Russian Academy of Sciences, volunteers organized by Graphics and Media Lab, Faculty of computational mathematics and cybernetics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and everyone who made this event happen.

We do hope you will enjoy the conference,

Anton Konushin, on behalf of GraphiCon'2012 Organizing Committee