Visa Support

Dear foreign guests.
In order to provide you with visa support, we ask you to do the following:

Nationality: USA
Family name: Smith
First name: John
Birth date: September 25, 1949
Passport number: 12345678
Date of Expiration: February 31, 2003
Organization (name and address):

     Xxxxxxx State University
     P.O. Box 9999
     Yyyyy, xxxxxxx 12345-6789

Telephone: (123) 123-1395
FAX: (123) 123-8755
Position: Professor
Place to visit: Moscow
The period of stay in Russia: August 15 to September 05, 1999
Place of getting Russian visa (country, city): USA, San Francisco
Note! Only cites where Russian consulates are situated must be indicated.
You may find the list of Russian consulates on