The 9-th International Conference on Computer Graphics & Vision
Moscow, August 26 - September 1, 1999



Wednesday, August 26 - Saturday, August 28
Summer School

Monday, August 30
Opening Session 09:00-12:30


Key-note. Greetings.

STate of the Art Report (STAR)
Media for the Next Millenium, Research at the Institute for Media Communication
Martin Reiser
GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology 

10:40 BREAK
10:50 STAR report
Local and Iterative Subdivision Algorithms.
Fedor Pletenev (RFNC (VNIIEF)), James Hurley (Intel Corporation).
Multimedia Art. Concert "Classics + Scientific Vanguard"
N. Naumov, ("Eidos" group, KIAM RAS)
Afternoon Sessions 14:30-18:00
14:30 Visualizationin Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)

Visualization in CFD: Problems of development

Visualization of arising and structure of Kalashnikov-Tsiklauri vorticies
Alexey Gudzovsky, Stanislav Klimenko

Visualizing of 3D recirculating zones
Alexey Gudzovsky, Stanislav Klimenko

Interactive animation for fluid flow visualization
A. Aksenov, A. Selvachev, S. Klimenko

Animation of Current Sheet Formation
E.Yu. Echkina, I.N. Inovenkov, A.V. Leonenko

Case Study
Graphical method for dynamic sets approximate representing in a search problems
Sergey Yezhkov


Virtual Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Machine Vision
Yuri Bayakovsky

Students’ laboratory practical studies in distant education
Levental Natalia

An Interactive MATLAB Program for CAGD
Andrés Iglesias, Akemi Gálvez

The Program – Methodical Complex to Study the Course "Computer Graphics"
Elena V. Kuragina, Natalja V. Patrusheva.

Non-Orthogonal Co-ordinates in Computer Graphics
Vaclav Skala

16:10 BREAK
  • School Pupil Competition "Cover of My Texbook", Awarding
  • Student  Computer Graphics Competition, Awarding

Tuesday, August 31
Morning Sessions 09:00-12:30
09:00 Virtual Environments and Navigation

Star Report:
Two approaches for intuitive navigation in the virtual environments
Vladimir Yelistratov, Wolfgang Strauss, Monika Fleischmann

Visual Understanding of a Scene by Automatic Movement of a Camera 
Pierre Barral, Guillaume Dorme, Dimitri Plemenos

Multiple Views of a Virtual World Integrated with Real Images
M. J. Abasolo, F. J. Perales

Uniform multiresolution Light Fields
Ales V. Michtchenko

Case Study
Computer Simulation of Water Surface View
D. Abrosimov, V. Zelenogorsky, M. Kryukov

Case Study
Generation and Rendering of Virtual Terrain
Harald Ammater, Mikhail V. Mikhailyuk

10:40 BREAK
10:50 Simulation , Modeling, Animation 

A Biomechanics-Based Model for the Animation of Human Locomotion
Alexander Savenko, Serge Van Sint Jan, Gordon Clapworthy 

A Virtual Jacob's Ladder
Mashhuda Glencross, Alan Murta 

An Adaptive Model for Objects Representation in 3D Computer Graphics 
A. Kapustin, J. Fedorova, T. Firsova, A. Churbanov 

Physically-based simulation of deformable surfaces in gaming and animation applications. Water surface animation
A. Markhichev, A. Soupikov

The implementation of the realtime terrain visualization algorithm
A. Kapustin, V. Eroukhimov, A. Malashkina

Case Study
Mismatch Detection in Distributed Computer Aided Geometric Design
Victor Taratoukhine, Kamal Bechkoum

Interactive Computer Art
Mikhail Khlopunov (NewMadiaMan, X-Luch)
Afternoon Sessions 14:30-18:00
14:30 Lighting and Photo-Realistic Rendering

An Implicit Approach to Cloth Synthesis
Ilia Bogaevski, Edward Kopylov, Andrei Khodulev 

Simulation of sparkles in metallic paints 
Sergey V. Ershov, Andrei B. Khodulev, and Konstantin V. Kolchin 

CCD-based device for BRDF mesurements in computer graphics 
Letunov A.A., Barladian B.H., Zueva E.Yu, Vezhnevets V., Soldatov S. 

Minimizing Costs In Lighting Hardware Rendering
B.Bonello, C.Wolters, H.Russeler, O. Wittig, T.Jung 

Case Study
High-Productional Algoritmic Technique for 3D Graphics
Aleksey Gorshkov

16:10 BREAK
16:20 Image Processing & Pattern Recognition

From-edges-to-regions approach and multilayered image processing 
Ales V. Michtchenko

Segmentation of strokes and their junctions at recognition of the hand-written text
Ivan Reyer

3D computer vision system for face recognition
Ivan A. Matveev, Alexander B. Murynin

Pattern Recognition System based on Methods of Stochastic Geometry
Nikolay G. Fedotov, Michail M. Melnikov, Roman A. Kostuchin

Case Study
Texture's dynamics of cedar forest's image on aerosnapshots, also automated recognition of the forest's age

Case Study
Semantic Editor of 2-d Contour Images
K.E.Lepeshenkov, E.V.Tchepine

Wednesday, September 1
Morning Sessions 09:00-12:30
09:00 3D Reconstruction 

3D Reconstruction of Architectural Objects from Photos 
Ildar V. Valiev 

Some techniques of real-time disparity estimation 
Vladimir N. Kolmogorov, Ivan A. Matveev, Alexander B. Murynin 

Photogrammetric method of virtual model generation for complex 3D objects geometric modeling
Vladimir A. Knyaz, Sergey Yu. Zheltov

Image Compression

Progressive Image Compression Using Binary Trees 
Denis V. Ivanov, Eugene P. Kuzmin, Sergey V. Burtsev 

Hierarchical Approach for Texture Compression 
Anton V. Pereberin

Visual Quality Increasing using Image Parts Improvement for Fractal Image Compression
Dmitriy S.Vatolin

10:40 BREAK
10:50 Tools and Techniques

Parallel Object-Oriented Modeling and Visualization in OpenMV 
V. Ivannikov, S. Morozov, V. Semenov, O. Tarlapan, R. Rasche, T. Jung 

Applying MATLAB to Computer Graphics and CAGD. Application to a Visualization Problem in the Automotive Industry
Akemi Galvez, Andres Iglesias, Flabio Gutierrez 

Case Study
One approach to C++ look at DirectDraw and Direct3D
Victor A. Debelov, Yuri A. Tkachov

Case Study
Instrumental Tools for 3D Studio MAX Plugins Development
D. Pyadushkin, I. Chikalov

Case Study
The 3D Studio Max plugin for simulation of the footprints on the ground surfaces
A. Kryachko, J. Fedorova

IEEE Computer Society and Russian Computer Community
S. Kuznetsov (Inst. of System Programming RAS, Moscow Center of IEEE Computer Society)
Afternoon Sessions 14:30-18:00
14:30 Volume Visualization

Free Forms and Voxel Volumes Real-Time Visualization
S. Vyatkin, B. Dolgovesov, A. Yesin, A. Zigach, S. Chizhik, R. Scherbakov 

Volume Interaction Techniques in the Virtual Simulation of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning 
Wenli Cai, Grigorios Karangelis, and Georgios Sakas 

Clustering for Parallel Volume Visualization
Cemal Kose 

Case Study
Visualization in string theory
Stanislav Klimenko, Valery Burkin, Igor Nikitin, Hans Hagen

16:10 BREAK
Computer Graphics Show