1. VISA. The invitation for you to GraphiCon'99 is sent to Russian Consulates by telex. You will be informed of file number and the date of issuing. You may take the visa any time referring to the file number and the date of issuing. If you meet any problems with your visa, give us know immediately.

2. FLIGHT NUMBERS. We'd like to know flight numbers, dates and time of your arrival to / departure from Moscow for two reasons: hotel reservation and scheduling of picking you up at the airport Sheremetevo-2.

3. MONEY. There are cash machines (ATMs) in Moscow, and you can get rubles or USD from your credit card. Visa, Mastercard, and several others are suitable. Cash (preferably USD and DM) can also be used to get rubles in Exchange offices. There are cash machines and bank services in the airport Sheremetevo 2 (in your ticket it is encoded as SVO).

Please take some amount of money in cash, better USD. There's no need to declare any amount less then 500 USD.

4. HOTEL. We are booking you the hotel in the main building of Moscow State University (in Russian - "glavnoie zdanie moskovskogo universiteta, zona E"). This hotel is destined mainly for visiting professors and other guests of Moscow University. Prices: 16-18 USD per night for Single; 40-50 USD per night for Double (without break-fast). Payment in rubles according to current rate exchange.

Another hotel ("Soyuz") is a little farther from conference site (30 minuites by walk).
Single: $22 for the first night and $18 for following nights (breakfast included); two person may share the same room with additional payment for breakfast.
Double: $66 or $82

Address: Universitetskii prospect, 12
Tel.: (095) 147-6004
Fax: (095) 247-6277

We'd like to hear your choice to book the hotel a week before your arrival.

5. HOW TO GET TO MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY FROM THE AIRPORT. There are several ways to get to the University from Sheremetyevo 2. Three of them are described below:

Additional information you can find at URL: http://www.sheremetyevo-airport.ru

6. PRESENTATION. I hope that all of facilities you require for your presentation will be available. 20 - 25 minutes will be given for a regular paper, 10 - 15 minutes - for sketches and short papers, and 30 - 35 minutes - for STAR reports. You can prepare your presentation in your own PC, and connect it with multimedia projector Philips just before your talk. Time for rehearsal will be provided.

Is there any problem to enter with a porable PC in Russia, and then to leave Russia with it?

No problem. Problems might arise if you have ten PCs for selling. If you'd like to avoid any possible misunderstanding you can ask a custom officer: is it necessary to declare it. I never did that, and never had problems.

7. I would like to come with my camera to take some pictures of Moscow. Is there some problem towards the customs ? towards authority ? towards muscovite people ?

No problem. As far as I know it is prohibited to take pictures inside Lenin mausoleum. In this case a slogan warns you about that beforehand.

8. MOSCOW WEATHER. Of course late August and early September are still not winter. However the weather can be rather various. Temperature - from 10o C to 25o C. May be rainy and windy. You would be better to take smth comfortable for fresh (cool, not cold) weather, especially for evening walks.