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Electronic Submission Guidelines


This document contains instructions to authors of technical material accepted to GraphiCon-999. It covers the formatting guidelines for electronic documents of a number of formats, including text files and still images. This document is based on ACM SIGGRAPH recommendations which can be found online at

GraphiCon-999 encourages submissions in electronic format. Acceptable formats are PostScript, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and HTML. ASCII format submissions are also acceptable .

Details on how to generate Adobe Acrobat PDF format files from common publishing and word-processing applications can be obtained from Adobe Systems Incorporated:

File Transfer

Electronic Mail

Email your completed submission in ASCII plain text form to . Caution: email delivery is not always reliable. If you submit via email, you should send your email submission at least several days before the deadline.


The most convenient way to transfer electronic documents to the production editor for the publication is to transfer the files over the Internet by FTP.

A few guidelines apply to successful file transfer:

Contributors using anonymous ftp should follow these steps carefully:

1. Ftp your file(s) to:


user: gc98-part
password: Moscow
ftp> cd Graphicon-98
ftp> bin
ftp> put first_last.ext
ftp> bye

Certain guidelines must be followed when naming files and directories under the ISO 9660 standard:

Your file should be named as first_last.ext

where first_last is composed of three letters from your first and three letters from your last name (e.g., joh_smi for John Smith)

Note: if submitting more than one file use:

first_last1, first_last2, ...

and ext is type of file such as zip, ps, gz, gif, pdf, htm, doc etc.

Certain standard filename extensions should be used in the preparation of your electronic material for consistency and ease of use. The following examples show a number of these extensions and their file types:



.pdf Adobe Acrobat PDF
.txt ASCII text
.gif GIF image
.tif TIFF image
.jpg JPEG image
.ps PostScript document
.htm HTML document
.doc MS WORD document

Note that this is a write-only directory and you will not be able to see what is there. Permissions are set to prevent overwriting of existing files, so if you attempt to submit a file with the same name as an existing one, you will get a "permission denied" error. If that occurs, resubmit using a numerical extension on the file name as shown above.

2. In addition to your primary file(s), if you have any special instructions to the program chair regarding your file(s), please send an additional:

first_last.RDM file using the same ftp method.

3. Within two working days of submitting, contributors will be notified via email that their submissions have been received. Please be sure to include an email address with the submission.

4. Any problems or questions should be addressed to:

WARNING: delays may occur due to technical problems or high internet traffic. Submit early to avoid problems. GraphiCon-999 will NOT extend deadlines due to problems with electronic submissions. All contributors are encouraged to submit early enough that if problems occur, there is sufficient time to use traditional delivery methods prior to submission deadlines.

Text-Based Electronic Documents

If you can generate PDF from your source documents, we will accept it. If you cannot, we will accept documents in the following formats:

If you are sending a Microsoft Word document, please make sure you are also sending along all illustrations which accompany your document, and make sure you have placed the illustrations in the paper. Sending a document with blank pages, and separate illustrations, is not acceptable. Due to the large amount of material to be processed and the tight deadlines, our production editors cannot undertake this document formatting task.

TeX and LaTeX

Authors who utilize TeX or LaTeX to prepare their electronic documents need to substitute Type 1 PostScript typefaces for the default TeX typefaces in their electronic documents. The default TeX typefaces will be converted to a bitmap representation and will reproduce very poorly on screen.

An example of a LaTeX document which uses the standard TeX typefaces can be found at the following URL: (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 112KB)

An example of a LaTeX document which uses PostScript typefaces can be found at the following URL: (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 51KB)

The majority of packages which convert the TeX ".dvi" file format to PostScript include functionality which allows substitution of the default TeX typefaces for a Type 1 PostScript typeface.

Several specific solutions exist for this situation:

Still Images

Many authors choose to include higher-resolution of images found in their electronic documents.

The preferred format for images such as these is TIFF. JPEG and GIF images are acceptable, though the image quality will not be as high as with TIFF.

LZW compression in TIFF images is acceptable, but please make a note in the accompanying ".rdm" file that the images are LZW-compressed. The images will be converted to TIFF format without LZW compression before they are placed on the CD-ROM.

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